COVID-19: Psychomotor Intervention during the Pandemic

23 augustus 2020

A joint research between Faculty of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Psychology, both from the University of Lisbon, and the Portuguese Association of Psychomotricity, coordinated by Professor Sofia Santos, aims to understand how Psychomotor Therapists (students or professionals), at national and international level, adapted themselves and their work to the situation of social confinement and to the protection rules/contingency plans resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, by surveying the challenges faced and the solutions found in this period.
Your collaboration is really important and is very simple, just fill out the questionnaire you can find here:
Participation is open to all psychomotricity students and psychomotor therapists, so we would thank you for sharing this study with all psychomotor therapists you know.

Thank you for your participation!

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